About Notional Value 挪资

To: CEO / SME Bosses

In financial terms, notional value is simply defined as the total value of a leveraged position’s assets. Commonly used in the options, futures and currency markets, it means that a very small amount of invested money can control a large position (and have a large consequence for the trader).

Notional Value (the business entity) was founded in 2013, with the aim of providing high-returns investment opportunities to qualified investors. Similar to the term defined, a small amount of investments will potentially earn very high returns by investments in property and leverage of irresistible Chinese Central Government’s policies and incentives.


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Our Business

  • China – BBW Business Club
  • Nanning / Singapore Property Investment Service
  • Company Set-up Service in Nanning, China
  • My Second Dream Home Program
  • Recurring Passive Income via Forex and Affiliate Systems


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